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Auteurs : Marie Lise Labonté et Ninon Prévost (non édité). Réedition en juin 2010
– Éditeur : Blue Pearl Press (Diffusion Raffin)
– Parution : 1998
– ISBN : 1-891099-04-3
– Pages : 97Do Angles exist ? If so, do they really communicate to us ? How can I have an experience with Angels ? Can they really assist us in achieving greater peace and harmony in our daily lives ? Learn the answers to these questions and more in Wings of Light.

Wings of Light will give you a rare insight into the world of The Healing Angels and their wisdom. Making this wisdom yours will offer you the opportunity to transform your life. It is a book about consciousness, about discovering who you are from a much higher perspective than what we are use to in our fast paced lives. This book contains the actual teachings and vision of the Angels with case histories that Ninon Prevost, a master healer initiated by the Angels, have encountered in her private practice. Ninon also shares with us her personal experiences and understanding of these incredible teachings. Allow yourself to be touched by an Angel. Yes, it can happen to you.